What is the Girl Hero Project?

The Girl Hero Project is powered by words and stories to inspire young girls to believe in themselves, to believe they can make a difference, and to help make the world a better place.

Words are powerful.

They can hurt and they can heal.

They can build and burn bridges.

They can inspire and empower, showing what has been done, and what can be done.

They shine a light.

The Girl Hero Project shines a light on young girls and lets them and their words shine.

We believe that little girls should have big dreams, and that every girl can be a hero.


Girls! Don’t wait until you’re bigger to do something big!

Use your words to inspire yourself and your friends to think big.

You can be part of the Girl Hero Project by: 

  • Entering the writing competition HERE
  • Creating your own affirmations to inspire yourself and your friends HERE
  • Following our helpful tips and inspirations … or telling us your own! … HERE

Let’s go!