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ada lovelace

Entered by 23-girlpower

Being a girl is a privilege. That’s why I love being a girl. You can be and do whatever you want if your a girl.

If you take a look at the amount of female heroes there are in the world you’ll find that there are more than enough. Take a look at Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt or Ada Lovelace, you’ll see that they made a very big change in this world.

When you’re a girl you can be or do whatever you want. If you want to be a lawyer be a lawyer, if you want to be an architect be an architect. We don’t let our gender come in the way of our work. You can do anything too. You are aloud to like blue and you are aloud to get messy. Even though stereotypical girls don’t like to do things like that, doesn’t mean the whole world doesn’t.

There are so many differences between  boys and girls. Such as most boys have short hair and most girls have long hair. That isn’t the case all the time though. Some people might have short hair and they’re girls. Some girls might play a sport that most boys only play. There are so many things girls can do just as well or maybe even better than boys. Don’t let stereotypes get you down. Also there are songs that empower girls too such as what a girl is and most girls.

If you know what being a girl is now then go and be the girl you are.