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Girl Empowerment Shine!

Entered by fk5700

LOVE being a girl!

I can do anything– from becoming a firefighter, protesting as a lawyer in court, and even hunting down bad guys on a spy mission ;).

Sometimes girls feel like they have to live up to an expectation or a certain stereotype…but we don’t!

Being a girl is embracing your personal qualities, giving everything your all and welcoming challenges that come your way!

My girlfriends and I stick by each other, catch each other when we fall and support each other through the tough times. But the most important part we play in each other’s lives is…just being there!

Trying to find who you are as you grow up is hard! Girls grow and change- emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Even adults can still be lost as to who they are and their identity in this world! That’s another example of what being a girl is about, finding yourself.

Being a girl is also about learning to stay true to who you are and not allowing others to negatively interfere with your choices and actions. It is gaining wisdom from your mistakes, learning to love- and not compare- yourself to others. It is all about finding your best qualities and allowing them to shine through.

Because every girl is a Shining Star. With help from each other we CAN crack the challenging codes in our lives and pursue our dreams and hopes, no matter what obstacles we face!

Because being a girl in today’s world, I can do ANYTHING!