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Girls are people too

Entered by SK1030

Just after school, when I was about to walk home when I saw a girl crying near the bike stands (she had a bike). I went over and said ‘Hi’. She cried even louder and said: They said I can’t ride a bike because I’m a girl. “Who said?” I asked curiously. “The boys and I don’t know which boys“. Wow!, she read my mind, but I did feel sorry, boys always picked on girls. I knew the only thing to make her happy was by making her confident so I said “Boys think they rule but they don’t, girls also do work they do housework and work hard at school/education, boys can also do the same thing girls can and girls can do the same things boys can because we’re both unique” “Your right” said the girl “I’ll stand up, always, because we all have rights” then the girl stood up and left.