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Girls can do anything!

Entered by cg2446

τI like being a girl because I like to show people that girls can do anything!

Sometimes people judge girls when they see them doing things that ‘boys are mean to be doing’. And sometimes girls get judged for standing up for themselves.

Like Malala Yousafzai, who got shot for standing up for herself. Or Rosa Parks, who went to jail simply for sitting at the front of a bus. While in Australia we like to believe that we have equality, unfortunately there will always be people who judge you, or others.

But here’s where you come in. Just because we’re all young girls doesn’t mean we can’t stick up for ourselves and others. We can be like Rosa Parks and Malala when we see inequality.

I’m an Altar Server at my local parish. (An Altar Server helps the Priest on the Altar) This is an amazing experience for me and i’m so grateful to be able to do it. However as a girl Altar Server sometimes I get treated differently. Some people think that only boys should be Altar Servers, and sometimes I am the only girl on the Altar and the boys take charge and tell me what to do.

However if I didn’t Serve at Mass, I wouldn’t have the same faith I have today. But most importantly, I hope that when I’m serving on the altar, other people will see that girls can be Altar Servers even if their told it’s for boys. They will see me standing there and I hope it encourages them to have a go, even if their the only girl.

That’s why like being a girl. I can show young girls that just because there’s a certain stereotype, doesn’t mean you always have to follow it.

And you can too.