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I’m a girl
'When u laugh togetha cos u know ur gonna beat the patriarchy'

Entered by KS11-11

I’m a girl.

I get rejected from playing sport, stereotyped as weak, disciplined to wear a dress, told that I can’t do anything.

And that’s why I like having the XX chromosomes.

Being told I can’t, makes me want to do so much more.  If someone says I’m weak, then of course I’m going to work that little bit harder to become strong.  If I’m told I can’t play sport, then obviously I’m going to make my argument that much more persuasive.

If I’m told I can’t wear this, play that, do this, hate that. Then what do you think I’m going to do? Do it. Obviously.

I want to prove them wrong.  Stand up and show them that girls are strong.

Not enough people are doing this, and because I’m a girl, I can help get rid of patriarchy.

And that’s why I like being a girl.