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Entered by Hayley1234

Malala Yoysifazai is an amazing, She was a small girl in a overpopulated country who gained attention on the worldwide stage. She risked her life for what she believed, and it worked.

Its awesome to be a girl there are so many ways to impact the world. There are many great examples. Amelia Aerheart, Ada Lovelace and Malala Yozfasai. They proved something that most people took for granted. Girls should be confident, empowering, Brave. But the World is pushing them down and bringing others up. But we should be the ones that are rising up.

THATS WHY I LOVE BEING A GIRL! Being a girl is fun because you can shock people in so many different ways.

At my school in New Zealand I am one of the fastest girls. But I shocked Everyone by beating the boys. I think that was one of the coolest things watching everyones mouth drop open as I leaped over the line. I heard Clapping and all the girls bounding up to me, and all the Shell shocked over me beating them.

Being a girl you can do anything if you believe and if you try. If you reach of the moon and you don’t make it you will fall on the stars. There is no such thing as failure.