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Close To My Heart
Close To Your Heart

Entered by AL7575

A Hero. When you think of that word, who do you think of? Do you think of a Celebrity, or maybe a Book Character, or an Athlete? We all have different Heroes and and each Hero has different personalities. When we think of a Hero, we tend to think of someone who is flawless, someone who’s famous! But, everyone makes mistakes, so don’t think they’re perfect! You are just as important as them. And, anyone can be your Hero! Maybe your Hero is your Mum, because she cooks the most delicious food ever! Or maybe your Friend? Who’s so loyal, who never lets you down. Maybe your Teacher? They put so much time and effort to make you, a better YOU.

So, think again… Who’s your Hero?


My Girl Hero is my SISTER.

I wonder why everyone makes their younger sisters such a big deal. They’re super adorable and sweet.

My sister is more than a sister. She’s my BEST FRIEND. She may be 6 years younger than me, but she’s always there for me. When I’m grumpy, she keeps me going. When I’m sad she makes me laugh. Yes, as life is the way it is, we sometimes get annoyed at each other and squabble and fight. But, that’s all good, because we always resolve it in the end.

Sometimes, I would be playing with my friends and something might go a bit violent. We would all be fine, because we know it’s an accident. But, my sister would cry. For ME. Because I got hurt! I wasn’t crying, but SHE was! That’s how you can tell someone cares for you very much. They cry for you, laugh with you, hurt for you. And my sister is just that.

I love my sister very much.

She’s Close To My Heart.