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Competition Topic

The girl hero I admire the most is

April, 2017 - August, 2017

Congratulations to everyone who entered the competition -the Judges were so impressed by all your work. It's such an important question, isn't it, to think about who inspires us and we love the thought you all put in to it. We were also really interested to see how many girls said their Mum was their girl hero. Mums do so much for us so it is really good to see them being recognised. So here are this competition's winners - two Emmas!


8-10 Years

Erin Phillips- Women in Sport

by es1611

Erin Phillips

Erin Phillips is a truly inspirational woman. In 2002 she was recruited to the Adelaide Lightning basketball team and played there until 2008. She represented Australia at the 2008 Beijing and the 2016 Rio Olympics and captained the Dallas Wings WNBA team in 2016. She has had a very successful basketball career.

Well, Erin was selected as the Adelaide Crows’ rookie pick in the 2016 AFLW draft and was voted their co-captain. She was Best on Ground in the Crows inaugural premiership win, was awarded goal of the year, selected in the AFLW All-Australian team, voted the AFLW best-and-fairest player and was the Crows’ club champion.

All in one season!

When Erin was 13 she was told she couldn’t play football. 19 years later she is the star of the women’s football competition.

Erin has shown me and many other girls to chase our dreams, no matter your gender.

    Why we loved it!

    We loved this entry! It gave us lots of information about Erin's achievements but also her determination and how it was that which inspired the writer. The best writing has both head and heart, facts and feelings and we think this entry is a great example of that. Congratulations Emma!


    11-13 Years

    Mum is my HERO

    by EC3443


    Who held my hand through hard times? Mum. Who picked me up when I fell down? Mum. Who supported me when I felt different? Mum. My mum shaped me into the person I am today and the person I will become. My mum is my hero.

    A hero doesn’t have to be someone famous. A hero doesn’t have to be someone that is in the newspaper. A hero is an important person. Someone in your heart. My mum inspires me to try my hardest and push my limits. She is important to me and here is why…

    Mum has so much on her mind- 4 sports (cycling, running, swimming, and karate) a husband that cannot work, 4 crazy kids, and a job. With all these things that Mum has to do, she still finds time to spend with her family, finds happiness in what she does and explores what life has to offer.

    Mum is thoughtful. She would always come and watch my school events, sports day, assemblies, awards, and presentations. My mum is supportive. I know that when I make a decision, date someone or believe something, Mum will support me. My mum is funny. She’d make funny faces, or she’d pretend to eat our ears, or blow raspberries on our bellies. Mum is kind. She cares about everyone around her and if someone is hurt, or in a bad situation, my mum will be there. She is beautiful.  She has nice hair and a beautiful, welcoming smile. She is thin, but strong. Mum puts others before herself. Instead of buying something for herself, she’d buy something for us, first. I want to be just like Mum. She is inspirational.

    Mum is an amazing person and I’m glad to be her daughter. “If Mum can do it, I can.”

      Why we loved it!

      This entry was written with much care and thought. Using lots of examples, Emma shows us what a hero means to her - someone who helps, someone who inspires. She then details why her mum fits that bill, giving lots of lovely examples. Congratulations Emma - and congratulations to Emma's Mum!

      Competition Topic

      As a girl hero I want to change the world by

      January, 2017 - March, 2017

      Wow! We were so blown away by all the entries! We love how much you girls are thinking about others, about the things that need to be changed - and how you might be able to help make that change happen. Congratulations to everyone!

      It was almost impossible to choose winners (that's why we have shared winners for the 11-13 years category) but we finally decided on these three. We looked at how close to the topic the writing was, how carefully planned it was and, most of all perhaps, how much powerful it was - how the words chosen really made us want to do something to - that's the power of words.


      8-10 Years

      Why can’t a girl be the King?

      by mt5757

      Did you know that only one woman director has ever won an Oscar, women have less lines in movies and leading men are paid 2.5 times more than women?

      Movies influence our communities and can be very powerful to change how people think.  Movies are a very strong example of gender inequality.

      As a Girl Hero, I have started and will continue to make sure men don’t have unfair advantages over women.

      I study drama and want to be an actress and scientist.  I was cast as the hero, Odysseus, who faced enormous challenges after the Trojan war.  I wore a beard and practiced a deep voice.  I felt very confident and the audience was surprised but loved it.

      We need more women writers and leads. I am going to change today’s statistics for women in movies, even if I have to play the male hero parts for now.

        Why we loved it!

        Madeleine got our attention immediately with the title of her piece - we wanted to know what she meant! Then she told us some startling facts: when we are writing to try to persuade people, facts can be really powerful. Madeleine then explained why those facts that mattered, another good thing to do when writing. And, finally, she told us a personal story that brought it back to something she had done about the problem. So this writing had a really good combination of facts and feeling! Well done Madeleine, both for your writing and your performance - we would have loved to have seen it!


        11-13 Years

        Education – The Beginning of Girl Power

        by PJ12..

        Some people tell me that I am only a little girl and that I can’t change anything. But this is exactly what i want to change! I want to show young girls in under-privileged countries that even though they don’t know it, they can change other people’s lives!

        Education services for girls in places like Afghanistan are only limited. I want to change this problem. Everyone has the right to an education and the fact that not only children are struggling because of lack of necessary equipment but also the girls are not getting the same experience that boys get! I believe that this is just shocking.

        I believe that giving girls a full education will show that they all have girl power inside them. If i could change that one thing, in places where women do not have the same rights as men, girls could become unstoppable.

        If I could,  I would do anything to help young girls just like me have an education and go on to change the world. Something as simple as an education could stop a war, cure a disease and of course, show the world that there are no limits to girl power.

        Portia. J

          Why we loved it!

          We thought Portia's writing was very powerful and passionate. She also got our attention immediately and kept building up her argument for the importance of education for all girls. She answered the theme perfectly - what is the one thing you would change and why? Well done Portia!


          11-13 Years

          Love Is Action

          by AL7575

          Small Things With Great Love

           Sometimes we want to tell others off and correct them for the wrong they have done. But is that what really makes a difference? I believe that instead of using words, showing is what makes the huge change. 

          Don’t try to put others below you to bring you to the top, that’s just being selfish. We should show love instead. Be an example, as I’ve heard, ‘People are like a video recorder-with legs- they don’t listen to what you say, but they take in everything you do’. 

          For example, God said He loves us, and to prove it, He sent His only son to die on the cross for our sins. That’s a real action.

          Sometimes it’s hard  to be kind and show love to our neighbours, let alone our enemies! Personally, I always find myself about to explode at others, so if you’re thinking, ‘but that’s too hard!’ I understand. But, hey, we’re all learning and it’s not always easy, although, we can still give our best shot and try!

          There is one hero of mine that I would like to share with you, her name was Anita Dittman. She was a holocaust survivor at World War 2. So she had to go through lots of hardships. But, instead of being scared she became a world influence, she helped others and showed lots of courage.

          Even though we may not be at a very harsh time as hers, we can still make a big difference in others’ lives with love.

          And now, here is an inspiring Bible verse: 1 Timothy 4 :12

          Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.


          Don’t think badly of others,



            Why we loved it!

            We were so impressed by the maturity of Abby's writing and the way she really explained her choice of the one thing she believed can change the world - love in action. We loved her using an example of a girl hero doing just that and then brought that example back to something we can all do. (We should do a spotlight on Anita Dittman so thank you for that Abby!). She also found a perfect quote (from Mother Teresa) to add even more punch to her powerful argument. Great job Abby!