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5 Ways You Can Make a Change Right Now!

You can start making a change right now!

What cause would you like to support?

Would you like to support kids in your local community less fortunate than you like Armani McFarland or girls in Africa needing an education like Mary Grace Henry?

Or is there another cause you are passionate about? You can start raising money to help it right now.

Whatever your passion, here are five great ways you can fund-raise to make a difference.

Ask your parents to help you – get your whole family, your class, your school involved!

1. Organise a casual  – or crazy – clothes day at your school

Talk to your teacher. If everyone donated a gold coin, how much money might you raise?

2. Run in a charity marathon or fun-run

There are fun-runs in most cities each year. Get fit and ask family and friends to sponsor you to raise money for your cause.

3. Have a Cake Stall

Possibly the yummiest way to make a difference – organise your whole class to make cupcakes and sell them at lunchtime. Check out girl hero Jade Esler’s cupcake website for inspiration!

4. Give your birthday present

Ask family and friends to make a donation to your cause instead of a present – you’ll be amazed how good it feels. (Read about one girl hero who did here)

5. Hold a garage sale

Get together with your friends and gather up the clothes you’ve grown out of and the toys or sporting gear you no longer use and hold a garage sales – definitely ask your parents first though!

Do you have any other ideas? Tell us by leaving a comment! If you do something take a photo and email us about it @ and you might be our next girl hero spotlight!

10 thoughts on “5 Ways You Can Make a Change Right Now!

      1. i raised 50$ by selling wallets and stuffies that i sewed (without a sewing machine) and gave it to a bible commitee so people in asia could learn about god

  1. well you see at my church all the kids that are homeschooled meet on friday and we would bring money and put it in a can and at the end of the school year an adult would sent to a bible commitee called Gospel for Asia and thats wear i got the idea

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