Girl Hero Inspiration

Don’t wait until you are bigger to do something big

“From little girls heroes grow”
– Susannah McFarlane

Don’t let your age hold you back from doing something important, something that might change the world.  Here are some stories about girls who used what they loved doing to help others.

Katie Stagliano was 9 years old, she was given a seed at school that grew into a 40-pound cabbage, which eventually made 275 meals at a local homeless shelter. This grew into Katie’s Krops, a kid-run vegetable garden project that now has over  60 kid-run gardens in over 22 states in the US and has donated more than 7,700 pounds of food to feed the homeless.

Find out more about Katie’s Krops here –

Winter Vinecki was just 9 years old when she lost her Dad prostate cancer. Already a talented athlete, she decided to use her talent to form Team Winter which through races and events raise awareness and  money for prostate cancer research.

Read more about Team Winter here –

And Susannah McFarlane (author of EJ12 Girl Hero and founder of the Girl Hero Project) also started young. As a little girl, Susannah LOVED animals (still does) and at 10 years old was a member of the Junior RSPCA. Susannah and her best friend Min wanted to do more and the girls founded McArps Pet Services to raise money by washing and grooming pets in their local area. They also organised swim-a-thons and raised enough money to put an air-conditioner in the RSPCA animal ambulance!

Find out more about the RSPCA here –

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