Girl Hero Inspiration

How to share your words


Is there something you would like to see changed?

Perhaps there is something at school you think could be improved.

Perhaps there is something in your local area that needs to be fixed.

Perhaps there is someone who needs to be cheered up.




Check out what this 8 year old did in her letter to the President about her local water supply. She wrote a letter and then read it out in a video that her parents posted on social media.



Watch how you might write a letter to someone to cheer them up.



You could write a letter to a child in detention on Nauru Island  – click here to see how

You could post a message of hope to a Syrian refugee – click here

You could write a letter to the Prime Minister of Australia – click here

Or write a letter to your Mum or Dad to say thank you

Tips for writing a letter

  • If you are hand-writing it, make sure your writing is neat and able to be read
  • Explain your thoughts in clear sentences. Only have one idea in each sentence.
  • Explain why you think your idea is important.
  • Always be polite
  • You  might like to draw a picture as well
  • Tell the person you are writing to that you would like a reply

click here to be  inspired by some letters that girls have written

Your thoughts matter!

Who will you share them with today in a letter?

What do you think?