Girl Hero Inspiration

Interview with a Girl Hero – Agi K

What makes a girl hero? I want to know what makes girls do what they do, especially when they do amazing things, brave things, difficult things.

What inspires them? Who inspires them? What helps them?

So I’m going to ask them!

I loved discovering film-maker Agi K (check out our post about her here) and wanted to ask her some questions – take a look at her answers!

What were the most important things or people in helping you make your first film?

My Dad for trusting me with his camera which I was allowed to experiment on and figure out how to use myself and my Mum for enjoying listening to my ideas and finding ways for me to express them, both of them for encouraging my creativity and of course my little sister, Magdalena for letting me film her!

Also, the way I was home educated allowed me to so have an idea and then turn it into something real-like a story, a piece of art and in this case a film. Before I made the first ‘My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome’ film I had made lots of animations with playmobil and drawings. Being able to make my stories come to life was so magical and I wanted to spend all my time filming and editing and trying out special effects from then on.

Did anyone tell you that you couldn’t do it because you were too young? If so, how did you respond?

Yes, lots of times! But never from my Mum, Dad or sisters who always loved what I made and encouraged me.

If someone said I was too young or didn’t take my work seriously because of my age, I just quietly ignored them and carried on anyway!

What advice would you give other girls wanting to take a message to the world?

Don’t let anyone discourage you, just find a medium to express your feelings and thoughts and use it to say whatever you want to. Talk from your own experience, don’t try and be like anyone else-your experience is unique and no one can take that from you and people DO want to hear what you have to say.

What advice would you give your 8 year-old self?

Try out different hobbies and activities, don’t worry if there’s no one you know doing them, you’ll make new friends. Go to workshops, museums, art galleries, climb trees, spend lots of time in nature, make art, sing, dance, cook food, just enjoy being alive and trying out new things.

When you find something you love to do, do more of it.

What three qualities do you value most in a person?

That’s hard to choose just three, but off the top of my head I would say ‘Honesty, a sense of humour and kindness‘ are definitely important to me.

Who is your Girl Hero at the moment?

They are everywhere, every girl who chooses kindness and compassion is a hero; sticking up for the person being left out, carrying on when they feel like giving up, staying true to their beliefs amidst peer pressure…

Thanks Agi, can’t wait to see what you do next!

What do you think?