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Kindness is Catching!

Kindness costs us nothing to give yet gives so much – and everyone can do it!

Have you done a random of act of kindness today?

Here are some things you might do –

Give your Mum a hug

Smile at a stranger

Say thank you

Invite someone to come and play with you at lunchtime

clean your room

Pack up the toys you no longer play with and donate them to a family shelter

Open the door for someone at a shop

Watch these videos and see the power of kindness

Share your chocolate bar with your friend

Share your chocolate bar with someone who is not your friend

Do your brother or sister’s chore

Make someone laugh – tell a joke

Unpack the dishwasher

Walk your dog

Smile at your teacher

Smile at everyone – it’s contagious!



What’s your favourite act of kindness – tell us below!

2 thoughts on “Kindness is Catching!

  1. my favourite act if kindness is all of it because all is so simple and costs nothing. And when I say nothing Don’t mean money I mean skill. A lot of things require ZERO talent to have, and being kind is the first one

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