Girl Hero Inspiration

Stop Dreaming, Start Doing!

We can learn a lot from pilots, people who fly. They don’t just dream big, they really do reach for the sky. It’s an action.

This week’s girl hero, Jade Esler, said this about her dream to become a pilot

‘I just completely believe that if you have a dream, and you have something to achieve, you need to go out and do it. It’s not just going to come to you.’

And Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928 said:

‘The most effective way to do it, is just do it.’

Just do it. It’s more than something you see on a sports shoe, it’s a determination, a decision that you want something you will just start to do it and not stop until it’s done.

For Jade and Amelia it was to fly.

What is it for you?

What dream have you  been dreaming?

What dream do you need to stop dreaming and start doing?

Start learning that instrument you always wanted to play?

Try out for that sports team?

Enter that science competition?

Tell us what you are doing about your dreams!


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