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Thinking Small
    Max by Bob Graham (Walker Books)

One of my favourite picture books of all time is Max by Bob Graham (Walker Books).

Little Max Thunderbolt comes from a family of superheroes and his parents and grandparents can’t wait to see what kind of superhero Max will be. Will he rescue runaway trains, capture robbers just like all world-famous super heroes in his family do?

But Max turns out to be different, he does small things: he rescues moths from flying into candles, he catches baby birds falling out of trees and he helps ducks to cross busy roads.

He is, as his mum says, ‘a small hero doing quiet deeds. The world needs more of those.’

‘Small things done with great love will change the world’ – Mother Teresa 

A small thing might not change the world but it might change it for someone. It might turn their day from bad to good or just okay to brilliant!

You might talk to someone in the school yard who looks lonely

You might help someone carry something

You might smile at someone who looks sad

You might share something with someone

What small super-hero deed might you do today?

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