Girl Hero Inspiration

“From little girls heroes grow”
– Susannah McFarlane
Hello and welcome to the Girl Hero Project!
This has been an idea of mine for ages. As I was writing EJ Girl Hero and hearing from readers, I realised that every girl had a hero in her, just like EJ, and I wanted to help girls to realise that.
I am so excited about what we are all going to do together and can’t wait to get started! Over the coming months we will be adding new sections and, I hope, hearing lots from you about what you think and what you are doing. You are all girl heroes and it’s time to shine!
 Take a look around and tell us what you think!
Let’s get started!

13 thoughts on “Welcome!

    1. I love making quotes. I’ve done two so far. “Life is like playing cards… …you can win and you can lose, but it’s your decision” & “Even in the dark… …keep shining”. you’re really inspirational yourself Susannah. You are one of a few that realise that girls have potential too.

  1. I have just created an account and i am going crazy with affirmations! i am planing on what to write about in the writing competition because i think my list of ideas of how to change the world is endless. I love this website!

  2. hi, just joined. i’m reading the hobbit now, and theirs lots of inspirational quotes in there, such as:
    ‘Not all those who wander are lost.’
    -Gandalf The Grey
    (Aged 12)

  3. Hi Susannah! Me (and my dad) are HUGE EJ12 fans and I was super excited when I heard about the Girl Hero Project. When we heard you had stopped writing the books, my dad and I had an idea that we could write some EJ14 stories and see if they are any good! I love this website and am going to enter the writing competition:) I am a singer, a tomboy/girl hero (I believe that girls can do heroics ect. like boys), and I love animals, so I will probably write about a mix of those things! I hope you can reply to this (cuz it would be amazing to talk to the WRITER OF MY FAVE BOOK SERIES OMG).

    (I am almost eleven :D)

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