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Using her talents and love to change the way people see things, Agi K is a true girl hero.


When she was 8 years old, Agi made a 3-minute film about herself and her little sister, Magdalena (who happens to have Down’s Syndrome).

The film shows Agi and her sister playing together and Agi helping her little sister learn things. Agi uploaded it to Youtube and it went viral as the world fell in love with the love between the two sisters. Watch the film below.


Agi went on to make a new film about Magdalena and herself every year. She explained why:

‘Here is the Magdalena that I know, that most of the world don’t get to see. I want people to see what it’s really like being sisters together. ‘What is it like having a sister with Down’s syndrome like?’ people ask me, I say don’t ask me ‘What is it like having a sister with Down’s syndrome?’ instead ask me ‘What is Magdalena like?’ The label ‘Down’s syndrome’ doesn’t tell you anything much, it doesn’t tell you how much fun we have together, how much we love each other, it doesn’t tell you anything about a person’s life or their interests. These films do though, they show you right inside all those little moments that make up life.’

At just 8 years old Agi changed the way people saw other people and particularly people with disabilities.

Her films have been screened in cinemas and festivals all over the world and won many awards. Agi continues to make films, developing her talents and spreading her message.

Did I say ‘just 8 years old’? I have to stop saying that! Agi shows you can change the world whatever your age! What message might you want to share? How would you share it?

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