Girl Hero Spotlight

Armani McFarland

Girl heroes don’t need to wait until they are bigger to make a big change in the world.


When Armani was six years old she asked her family to make her birthday gift a donation to World Vision, a Christian humanitarian and aid organisation. (Click here to read about Emma Hakansson, another Girl Hero who gave up her birthday to give to a cause)

But that was only the beginning.

When she was eight, she organised a food drive to feed the homeless in her local community and delivered over 400 kilograms of food.

And for the next four years, with the help of her Mum, she organised a school backpack drive to donate backpacks filled with school supplies for low-income children. Funds were raised by raffles, bake sales, lemonade stands and BBQ stands.

And Armani hasn’t stopped. Watch the video to find out more about Armani’s fundraising


Her latest campaign is an annual Jeans for Teens Drive, collecting thousands of jeans to donate to homeless youths every year.


‘I want other people to help in anyway they can. It does’t have to be a big thing that they do, but just something little in their everyday life. Just help somebody.’


Armani inspires her friends to join and help her in fundraising drives and in 2016, aged 12, she took it another big step forward and created the not-for-profit organisation, ONE CAN MAKE A CHANGE.

She chose the name because it is that idea, that any one person can give the gift of service or make small contributions that make a big difference to people who are struggling.

It’s not surprising that one of Armani’s favourite quotes is from Anne Frank (click here to see her Girl Hero Spotlight)

‘How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.’

And Armani is a perfect example of someone who hasn’t waited!

So what are YOU waiting for? Click here for inspiration on how you can too can make a change.

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