Girl Hero Spotlight

Cassandra Lin

Girls heroes don’t mind asking adults to help them do  amazing things!

When she was in Year 5 Cassandra Lin learnt two things that would help her make a major change to her local community

At a science expo, she  learnt that discarded cooking oil could be converted into biodiesel.

This fascinated her.

From the local newspaper, she learnt that some families in her community were unable to pay their heating bills.

This concerned her.

So she took action.

She talked about it with her friends and together they created TGIF – TURN GREASE INTO FUEL -a plan to use discarded cooking oil to make biodiesel  which could then be used for heating homes.


Cassandra knew that they needed help – and a lot of adult help. She knew there were lots of things that kids couldn’t do but she also knew that there were lots of things they could do.

So her team made a list of what they wanted to do and who could help them. Then they –

-talked to families and then  local restaurants to donate their kitchen grease.

-contacted grease recyclers, asking for their help in setting up collection points and recycling the grease.

-contacted local charities who could help identify who needed heating help.

And TGIF turned grease into fuel and has heated the homes of over 500 families!


‘Be Your Own Superman!’

Check out their website and find out more about how it all happened here

and here

What could you and your friends do? Who would help you? Tell us!


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