Girl Hero Spotlight

Jordan Reeves

Girl Heroes are inventive, always thinking of new ways of seeing things, doing things.

We can use our imaginations to think how things might be different and then work to make it a reality.

Just like 11 year-old Jordan Reeves.

Jordan Reeves was born with a limb difference: her left arm stops just above her elbow. But far from wanting anyone to feel sorry for her, Jordan uses her difference and her imagination to invent amazing things – and show people how to talk about and celebrate differences.

She says she doesn’t mind people looking at or talking about her arm – after all, she says if you saw a unicorn with a group of horses, you’d look too! She’s even made a t-shirt to ‘Celebrate the Unicorn’!

After all, Jordan is who she is, how she was born, that’s her normal. It may be different to other people but we are all different aren’t we? Some differences might just be easier to see.

Jordan wanted to help celebrate difference and she used her special talent and  her interest in science and inventing to do something about it. And she did it in the most wonderful way.

Jordan teamed up with Superhero Cyborgs to create her own prosthetic arm, a glitter canon she named Project Unicorn.  Superhero Cyborgs has a ‘build your own body workshop’ that works with kids ages 10-15 to design and prototype their own body modifications.

A prosthetic arm that is also a glitter blaster – how brilliant is that!

Check it out here!


Jordan has since presented her invention at events all around the US and on TV shows. Every time she talks and shares her story, she is telling people a powerful message about possibilities and how we should celebrate differences.


Watch Jordan talk about she turns disability into ability

Jordan is passionate about inventing –

‘The world would be so different without people making things … anyone can do anything as long as they try’

and keeping going when things don’t work out

‘If you don’t fail the first time something has to be wrong. After I fail I just keep on working, I find a different way to do it’

Jordan Reeves, girl hero.

Do you have a difference you can be celebrating? Tell us about it!

Do you have an idea that might turn into an invention? Tell us about it!



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