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Kaitlin Relf

Being a hero doesn’t mean you are not scared – it when you are scared but do something  anyway. Something that can save a life.

Just like Kaitlin Relf did.

In May 2014, a sudden and violent storm hit Brisbane in Queensland as Kaitlin, 8, and her mum, grandma and three-year old sister, Tara, were driving home. Suddenly the car was hit by a wall of floodwater and the car was pushed off the road and into a swollen creek.

Within seconds, it was completely submerged. Kaitlin’s mum and grandma had been swept out of the car but Kaitlin and Tara were still trapped. Helpless, Kaitlin’s mum was yelling to them to get out of the car.

And, showing great courage and calmness, that’s what Kaitlin did. She undid her sister’s baby seat harness and pushed her out of the car and up to the top of the water, ahead of herself.

Amazingly they were pushed up right next to where their mum had grabbed hold of a nearby tree. Over and hour later, all still holding on to the tree, the family was rescued.

Kaitlin’s mum was rightly proud of her daughter.

‘I’m extremely proud of her bravery, selflessness and love for her little sister. She’s a true hero in my eyes.’

And in 2015, Kaitlin was awarded the the Pride of Australia Child of Courage Medal for bravery. Kaitlin was surprised by the attention.

‘I was just trying to help my sister.’


Kaitlin shows us that you are never too small to do something big.

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